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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Secure my Date?

Due to city regulations, you must submit your request form at least 14 days prior to your requested date for public locations, such as beaches and parks. To secure your date, fill out our booking form and wait for us to confirm availability for the date of your choice, confirm your picnic details, and submit a 50% non-refundable deposit. The full amount is due 24 hours prior to the start of the event.

How far in advance should I book my picnic?

Please book as far out from your date as possible. For weekend dates, we recommend booking no earlier than 2 weeks in advance. For special events or dates, please book at a minimum of 6 weeks in advance. This gives us time to save your date and make your event as ‘YOU’ as possible! Message us for inquiries about last minute bookings!

What happens if the weather is bad?

If a bad turn in weather puts a damper on your event date, we will reschedule your picnic for a future date. Please note, we do not issue refunds for booking deposits.

What if I show up late or need to leave early?

Please let us know at least 3 days in advance if your picnic start time no longer works for you. Late arrival of more than 20 minutes may result in loss of your allotted picnic time. If our schedule allows, additional time can be added to your picnic for a fee per 30 minutes.

Should I leave a tip for my picnic stylist?

Kind words and tips are greatly appreciated by our picnic stylists. Creating the perfect atmosphere for your picnic requires a lot of hard work, especially carrying awkwardly shaped supplies through sand, down stairs, and on rocky, wet cliffs. It's a pretty demanding job, and we hope each picnic reflects the great effort and thoughtfulness that is poured into it. Tips can be submitted via venmo @beachinpicnics, or in cash.

What if additional guests show up?

Any guests not included in the official guest count are welcome, but note that they will not have the same place setting and food accommodations as recorded guests.

Do you provide alcohol for picnics?

San Diego County beaches do not permit alcoholic beverages. We are not responsible for any fines issued to you if ticketed for alcohol.

Do you offer dietary restriction options?

Yes! Please note any dietary restrictions when booking your event.

What is your cancellation policy?

Your event can be rescheduled for any available date approved by the City of San Diego, but we do not offer refunds for the deposit. Events rescheduled less than 6 weeks in advance are subject to a $50 fee issued by the City of San Diego. Please let us know as soon as possible if your scheduled date no longer works for you.

What are your COVID standards?

All picnic items are washed and disinfected thoroughly after each use. All tabletop items are handled with gloves. Guests are greeted at a distance, and we wear masks upon request. All picnics are a socially distanced as possible in a public setting.

What locations can we have a picnic in?

We can set up in any location listed by the City of San Diego Parks and Recreation department as a "Luxury Picnic" location. We comply with all San Diego County beach and park regulations. Please note that permits are required for all picnics at the listed locations. Visit the link to view locations for picnic events:

Can we have a picnic in our home or backyard?

We love backyard picnics! Picnics at private locations are the best way to create an intimate and truly unique experience! Backyard picnics are the only option available for bookings placed less than 14 days in advance.

What if something gets damaged or stained?

We charge a replacement fee of up to $100 for any item broken, stained, or damaged.

Still looking for answers? Send us a message! We'll respond as soon as possible.

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